Holscot Europe launches new ecommerce Website for FEP film


In response to an increasing demand for FEP film in rolls and cut pieces, Holscot Europe has launched a new ecommerce website where customers can order FEP film in a variety of thicknesses in sizes to suit their needs. FEP has become a popular choice for use in 3D printers. As an alternative to PDMS...
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Holscot at Space Propulsion 2018 Seville


Holscot will be participating at the upcoming Space Propulsion Conference and Exhibition taking place at the Barcelo Renacimiento Hotel Convention Center in Seville Spain 14th and 18th May. We will be showcasing our FEP diaphragm and bladder sets for use in Space Propellant tanks. Taking advantage of FEP’s exceptional resistance to established and new Space...
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The Changing Role of FEP Shelman


Based in Oldham, the FEP Shelman division of the Holscot Group has had to adapt to the changing picture of industry in the UK. When it first joined the group, the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries in the UK were buoyant and demand for Fluoroplastic Lined Pipework, Vessels and Tanks was high. At that time, FEP...
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Pigmented FEP and PFA


In their natural state, FEP and PFA are transparent when extruded. For many applications, this transparency is an advantage. For example, in the case of FEP being used as a shatter resistant cover for UV lamps, not only does the transparency mean that the light itself is unimpeded but also, the UV transmissivity is over...
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Holscot – a Worldwide Supplier


Recognising that the commercial world is ever increasingly a Global economy, Holscot continues to strive towards becoming a worldwide force in Fluoroplastics.   For many years, Holscot have had bases on Mainland Europe – Holscot Europe based in Breda, The Netherlands and Holscot Deutschland as well as a network of distributors of the Holscot range...
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PTFE Spray Coatings Big and Small


Cameron Coatings – the Spray Coatings Division of the Holscot Group – has been an approved Applicator of Xylan* PTFE Spray costings by Whitford Plastics for over 15 years. During that time, they have seen a multitude of applications taking advantage of the properties of Xylan* PTFE coatings – non-stick, chemical resistance, durability and temperature...
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Employment Opportunity


Holscot are looking for a Development Engineer. We are offering a unique opportunity for a Development Engineer, to contribute in exciting and demanding aerospace applications for clients such as Rolls Royce and MT Technologies, to support the efficient introduction of new products and existing processes. The successful candidate should have experience of working with pneumatics,...
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