Holscot Fluoroplastics Ltd was formed in 1970, with a specific brief to explore the potential of the newly available melt processable fluoroplastics.

The original fluoroplastic material PTFE had been created many years before and was widely in use for a variety of applications. Its major drawback was that it was not possible to weld, or thermoform it. For this reason, derivatives were created which were true thermoplastic co-polymers of PTFE. They were melt processable i.e. in their molten state they could be extruded into tube and sheet products which themselves could be shaped under temperature or welded when molten.

All these materials – PTFE, FEP and laterally PFA and ETFE were created initially by Du Pont and carried the Teflon trade name. The first of the melt processable materials was FEP and it was this material on which Holscot centred its initial activities.

In January 2001 Holscot Industrial Linings changed its name to Holscot Fluoroplastics.

Today the Holscot Group encompasses Six Divisions each specialising in specific areas of expertise.

Holscot Fluoroplastics – Based in Grantham, Lincolnshire at the centre of the UK

The Headquarters of the Group


about-holscot1Grantham houses the main extrusion capability in melt processable fluoroplastics.

We are now capable of extruding FEP, PFA, ETFE and other polymers into tubes from 4mm diameter through to 400mm.

Wall thickness achievable on most sizes can be as low as 0.1mm through to a maximum of 2.5mm.

This facility, with its extensive range of specialities, is unique in Europe, possibly the world.

Holscot have the ability to produce custom extrusions with minimum runs as short as fifty meters.

The Grantham unit houses the main manufacturing area for the production of shatter resistant covers for UV and fluorescent lighting

Some of the diverse products which are derived from the FEP and PFA extrusions are Heat Shrinkable Sleeves, pipe liners, hose liners and medical applications.

Holscot Grantham also developed the ability to work with these materials by welding them and thermoforming them. The welding techniques deliver a virtually indiscernible weld which enables us to make large diameter sleeves. The vacuum forming facility gives us the ability to make custom made shapes.

Two types of etching for fluoropolymers are also carried out in this unit – sodium naphthalene and sodium ammonia.

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Holscot Northern Division – Based in Eastern Scotland

Light manufacturing, servicing and sales division


about-holscot1Holscot Northern Division specialises in the manufacture of Flange Shields. These clear protective devices are widely used to prevent the possibility of chemical spillage and can be designed to fit both European and American pipe standards.

Additionally the unit, situated in Leven, Fife, carries out the fitting* of Heat Shrinkable sleeves to rollers and drying cylinders, both in the paper and textile industries.

*Either on site or in their unit in Leven

Holscot Northern Division also handles sales enquires for the Holscot Group in Scotland, North East England and the Republic of Ireland.

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FEP Shelman – Based in the North West of England

All aspects of chemical protection work. Fitting of FEP and PFA Roll Covers, Special Fabricated ETFE Panels


about-fepFEP Shelman, based in Oldham Lancashire and established in 1988, is the group’s main manufacturing unit for the lining and fabrication of all types of chemical equipment.

Using PTFE, PVDF, ECTFE, FEP and PFA, they can quickly provide chemically resistant liners to everything from small dip pipes, pipework and fittings to large vessels. FEP Shelman have earned themselves a reputation for speedy and reliable service.

This unit also carries out the installation of FEP and PFA heat shrinkable sleeves to rollers in house and on site. They can provide training for companies wishing to learn fitting techniques.

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Cameron Coatings – Based in the South West of England

Specialists in spray and powder coating


about-cameronCamerons Coatings are based in Cinderford in the Forest of Dean.

They are specialist coaters and licensed applicators of Teflon®, Xylan® and Halar® products for Du Pont, Whitford Plastics and Solvay. Their expertise in dispersion coatings of PTFE adds a new facet to the Holscot range.

Camerons offer economical solutions to a plethora of industrial coating problems. Coatings can be offered with low friction, non stick finishes, for electrical insulation, chemical resistance and inertness, or to prevent contamination.

Anti corrosion protection barriers are a speciality. Decorative coatings are also available which are particularly in demand for the enhancement of car parts for High Performance Vehicles.

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Holscot Europe – Based in Breda in the Netherlands

The central point for sales in mainland Europe


about-holscoteuEstablished in 1992 Holscot Europe is Holscot’s Mainland Europe base for its complete product range.

A small warehouse facility means some urgent orders can be fulfilled from stock.

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Holscot Deutschland – Based in Ratingen in Northern Germany

Serving the German market


about-holscotdHolscot Deutschland was established to offer a prompt service to the German market.

Staffed by German nationals, Holscot Deutschland provides a local contact for customers seeking the Holscot range of Teflon* Heat Shrinkable sleeves.

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