FEP Flange Shields

Holscot FEP Flange Shields are quickly and easily fitted to offer a chemically resistant barrier to prevent dangerous leakages at Flange Joints.

Holscot FEP Flange Shields, protection without a cover up

Protect your personnel against dangerous flange leakages:

  • Designed for quick installation, removal and re-use
  • Heat Shrinkable
  • Completely U.V. stable and able to withstand prolonged exposure outside
  • Temperature Range – Suitable for continuous operation from –20°F (-29°C) to 300°F (150°C)
  • Available with or without lipped edges
  • 100 % Chemically inert FEP
  • Transparent – Allows visual inspection to ensure no corrosion of bolts, nuts or flanges
  • Leaks immediately visible
  • Ideal for use in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Widely used on board shipping vessels.

flange1Holscot FEP Flange Shields are simple to install – just wrap around the flange, line up the fasteners with corresponding holes and snap into place. No tools required – no special skills needed.

The Holscot FEP Flange Shield has been designed to shrink diametrically when exposed to elevated temperatures. This can be achieved either by use of a hot air gun, or, when the pipe system where the shield is installed operates at high temperatures, the shield will automatically shrink.

Our standard range of sizes- designed for ASA/ANSI 150 flanges – is shown below.

flange2Shields to fit PN10/16 are also available as standard.

Custom Made Shields for Non-standard flanges or valves can be produced, as well as shields incorporating coloured inserts or chemical detection paper.

Quotations available on request.

Holscot Teflon* Flange Shields are specified for use on all BNFL sites.