Holscot Extrusions FEP PFA ETFE

The most extensive range of FEP, PFA and ETFE extrusions in Europe, encompassing diameters from 3mm to over 400mm. Inert - resistant to virtually all known chemicals and solvents, the possible uses for these versatile materials are seemingly endless.

FEP / PFA & ETFE Encapsulation

Holscot has over 50 years’ experience working with Fluoropolymers and have developed many unique manufacturing techniques.

Glass industry stress relieving lats

Using our extrusion knowledge, the Holscot team of experts have devised a way to encapsulate linear objects in large volume.

Our process can cover a variety of materials including glass, metal, silicone, elastomer, rubber, etc. The simplest shape to cover is a circular cross section, but we can encapsulate square, D and other profiles on request. We are able to cover up to 30mm outside diameter.

The benefits of encapsulating materials include, chemical resistance and gas permeability, non-stick / low friction and broad range of operating temperatures.

Image to show some tubing profiles manufactured by Holscot Fluoropolymers Ltd

There are many industries that might find this application beneficial including: Chemical, Water, Environmental, Waste, Pharmaceutical, Semi-conductor, Mining, Marine, Refrigeration, Food & Beverage, Glass Production & Lamination industries.

If you have a linear item that could benefit from the excellent properties of Fluoropolymers, get in touch using the contact box below.