Holscot Extrusions FEP PFA ETFE

The most extensive range of FEP, PFA and ETFE extrusions in Europe, encompassing diameters from 3mm to over 400mm. Inert - resistant to virtually all known chemicals and solvents, the possible uses for these versatile materials are seemingly endless.


The most extensive range of extrusions in FEP, PFA, and ETFE tubing

Diameters from 1mm to 400mm

fep-extrusion-lineEquipped with 8 extruders with plans to increase that number, Holscot has the capability to extrude Fluoropolymer tubing, FEP, PFA and ETFE in diameters from 1mm to 400mm – a facility unique in Europe. Wall thicknesses range from 0.1mm – 3mm. The raw materials are sourced from all over the world and the choice is dictated by the properties required of it. For detailed properties of these materials, see the Glossary section of the site.

Fluoropolymer-extrusionsIn addition to this unique extrusion facility, Holscot has over 50 years experience in the handling of these materials. Our techniques in expansion, thermoforming, etching and welding are at the forefront of technology and enable us to provide not only the tubing but also semi-finished components, and in this way, help solve customers’ problems.

Our long established track record of supplying quality products that are cost effective puts us to the fore of fluoropolymer processors

In-Line Coating in FEP and PFA

As a step forward from its activities in the covering of fluorescent and UV lamps Holscot has further developed the technology to allow the direct covering of an extensive range of linear rods and profiles.

Products such as heat exchanger bars and wires can be provided with a covering of FEP or PFA of many different thicknesses.  Glass tubes can also be covered using the same technique as we use to cover fluorescent and UV lamps.  We can process in continuous lengths.  Click here for more information.


NEW — Profiles in FEP and PFA

As a new addition to their range, Holscot has developed the ability to create profiles in FEP and PFA. Square sections, rectangle and more complex shapes are possible in a variety of wall thicknesses to suit customer requirements. For more details, send drawings of your specific cross section to sales@holscot.com and we will be happy to quote.


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