ETFE Panels

The use of ETFE in architectural constructions has grown spectacularly in recent years, offering the benefits of unsurpassed optical properties and lightweight construction to projects as diverse as walkways, greenhouses and more high profile constructions such as the Eden Project and the Beijing Olympic Swimming Pool.

ETFE Panels


Being specialists in Fluoropolymers, Holscot looked at a way to offer a simple modular solution to projects big and small. In a novel development, a patented modular panels system is now available, (UK Patent Application 0905286.1). This allows double glazed panels in ETFE (treated or untreated) to be fitted as glazing to most applications. This novel concept opens up a wealth of new and exciting possible applications.

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Case Study

Ryewater Nurseries

The Nurseries were seeking a new environment in which to cultivate authentic Thai vegetables in the UK specifically to service exclusive Thai restaurants...

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