The Holscot Group – Diversity in Fluoroplastics

holscot-granthamSince our foundation in 1970, Holscot’s policy has been to involve ourselves exclusively in Fluoroplastic Technology and to develop, refine and improve the techniques and skills to work with these versatile materials. The result is a range of problem solving products unique in Europe.

The Holscot Group comprises 6 divisions, each with individual specialities and skills – all within the field of Fluoroplastics and all combining to provide the most diverse range of Fluoroplastic products.

fluoroplastic-heat-shrink5With eight extrusions lines our range of Fluoroplastic Extrusions encompasses diameters up to 400mm of FEP tubing, PFA tubing, ETFE tubing, as well as FEP film and PFA film. Our range of Fluoroplastic Heat Shrink Sleeving in FEP and PFA provides solutions to a variety of industries, including Paper, Lamination and Reprographic where the non-stick nature of the surface provides the ultimate easy clean surface. Our FEP film is used in applications as diverse and continuous belts, release film and 3D printing.

Our custom built lamp lines handle millions of lamps per year depositing a shatter resistant FEP lamp covering. Our customers can choose to fit our Heat Shrinkable Lamp sleeves to their own lamps to offer the benefit of fragment retaining covers to fluorescent lights, UV lamps and induction lamps.

fep containment tanksHolscot is a world leader in the development of FEP diaphragms and FEP containment tanks for Aerospace applications such as Space Propellant tanks. Favoured with the prestigious Plunkett award for our work in developing FEP fuel tanks, our innovative techniques of vacuum forming and welding have continued to be refined and improved to the extent where the work that we have done with major Aerospace companies such as Rolls Royce, British Aerospace, MT Aerospace and ESA, has pushed forward new and important areas of Aerospace technology.

ETFE is becoming a common sight the world over in buildings where the strength, lightness and versatility of this material have afforded architects new areas of creativity. Using our skill in ETFE welding and thermoforming, Holscot has developed a new and groundbreaking ETFE panel system which has the same lightness and versatility combined with an ease of construction which opens it up to much more possible uses, such as butterfly farms, greenhouses and solar rooms.

etfe-flange-shieldsThe unparalleled Chemical Resistance of Fluoroplastics has been exploited for many years in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries and The Holscot Group has long provided solutions to their most demanding problems – amongst them Fluoroplastic lined pipework and vessel accessories, Teflon Flange Shields and Fluoroplastic lined vessels and tanks.

Our Spray Coating facility offers chemical resistant, non-stick PTFE Spray Coating,  as well as decorative powder coatings for car parts.

Other capabilities within the group, such as Fluoroplastic etching, and PTFE tubing combine to enable the Holscot Group to offer the most diverse and extensive range of Fluoroplastic products.

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