In the medical industry, the use of fluoropolymers centers on two key properties: low friction and biocompatibility.

fep-sample-bagFluoropolymers exhibit very good lubricity compared with other plastics having coefficients of friction of less than 0.2.

With regard to biocompatibility, all fluoropolymers excel in this area and have a long history of in vivo use.

FEP, PFA and ETFE also excel in a range of other properties which can benefit medical applications.

  • FDA Approved
  • Chemically inert
  • Flexible
  • Non Porous
  • Weldable
  • Same refractive index as water
  • Can be safely autoclaved or subjected to irradiation

Taking advantage of these properties and using their experience and skill in working with these materials, Holscot can create solutions to medical device manufacturers. Gas bags, small bore tubing, fluid containment bags and self-supporting structures for water and blood purification are some of the projects in which Holscot have been involved.

Case Study

Elan Vital UK

Elan Vital UK were looking to develop an apparatus to analyse breath with the aim of early detection of health problems. This necessitated the patient blowing into...

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