Ethylene and TFE

ETFE is a partially fluorinated copolymer of ethylene and TFE. As a result it is significantly tougher than the traditional fluoropolymers FEP and PFA. This makes it eminently suitable for use in architectural structures. The superior transmission of UV and long wave radiation also leads to it being used extensively in outdoor constructions having been used in such structures as the Allianz Stadium in Munich, the Eden Project in the UK and the Beijing Olympic Swimming Sadium. As a tube it is very much more flexible than FEP and PFA. An ETFE tube will not develop kinks like FEP. ETFE is also suitable for pump impellers or moving parts of equipment that are operating in chemically aggressive environments.

  • Excellent resilience (able to bear 400 times its own weight)
  • Exceptional UV transmission.
  • Operating temperature up to 150°C
  • Wide ranging resistance to chemicals
  • Resistant to high energy radiation
  • Lightweight

Trade Names for ETFE resins include DuPont Tefzel™, Asahi Glass Fluon™

Property Value Units Method
Mechanical Properties
Tensile Strength, 23°C 5500-7000
D 638
Elongation at break, 23°C 100-350 % D 638 ??
Impact Strength, Izod, 23°C No break J/m D 256
Compressive Stress at 1% deformation 1500
D 695
Yield Strength At 23°C 2800
Density 1.7 gm/
Coefficient of friction 0.4 D 1894
Thermal Properties
Coefficient of Linear Expansion 9 x 10-5 K-1
Melting Point 225-270 °C
Thermal Conductivity 0.137
Specific Heat 0.45–0.48 1.9–2.0 Btu/lb/°F
kJ/Kg/deg K
Heat Distortion Temperature
66 lb/ (0.455 MPa)
104 °C D 648
Service Temperature -100-150 °C
Processing Temperature 325-345 °C
Electrical Properties
Dielectric Strength, short time, 0.080″
Surface Arc-Resistance 75-110 sec D 495
Volume Resistivity >1016 ohm-cm D 257
Surface Resistivity, @ 100% RH >1014 Ohm sq-1 D 257
Dielectric Constant, 60 Hz to 1 MHz 2.5 e D150-81
Dielectric Strength 59 at 0.25mm
kV mm-1
Dissipation Factor, @ 1 kHz 0.0008 D150-81
Other Properties
Refractive Index nD25 D 542
Water Absorption <0.02 % increase in weight D570-81
Flame Rating+ VE-0 UL-94
Limiting Oxygen Index 30 % Oxygen D 2863
Resistance to Weathering Excellent
Water Vapor Transmission rate 752 Ng cm m-2 s-1 E 96

+ Numerical rating for flame spread is not intended to reflect hazards presented by this or any other material under actual fire conditions

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