Spray Coatings

Cameron coatingsCameron Coatings

Specialists in spray and powder coating. Located in Cinderford, this division of the Holscot Group are skilled and experienced coating applicators. They are proud to be licensed by all the major coating providers.

PTFE Spray Coating

Cameron Coatings have been active in the field of PTFE spray coatings for over 30 years and have experience of a multitude of different coating types and applications. As licensed applicators for major suppliers such as Whitford Plastics, Chemours (previously DuPont) and Solvay, they can select the particular coating required to provide the properties you need.

  • Low Friction
  • Non Stick
  • Electrical Insulation
  • Inertness
  • Non Contamination
  • Decorative
  • Anti Corrosion

Here are some of the many applications we have seen:


Nuts, Bolts, Washers and Studs – Coated in different colours to distinguish them for their ultimate use. The PTFE coating protects against exposure to Seawater and oil and the non-stick properties facilitate easy loosening and tightening.

ptfe spray coated fasteners

Coffee pots

Used by Baristas in many high street Coffee Emporia. As well as being decorative, the non-stick spray coating in blue, green and black, makes it easy to clean. It is also unaffected by the heat from the boiling milk.

powder coated coffee pots

Screens for Mastitis

Of course, for medical applications, the coating used must be FDA approved.

ptfe spray coated screens mastitis

Moulds for forming Plastic Packaging

For Perfume/After Shave packaging. The non-stick properties of the Xylan* PTFE coating facilitate easy release of the finished components.


Cable Guide for Under Water Use

The Xylan* PTFE coating prevents damage to the cables and enables them to pass through unimpeded. The coating extends right through the bore of the component.

ptfe spray coated Cable Guide Under Water

Tank Framework

Supporting Tanks containing Acid, the PTFE coating offers protection from splashing of the acid.

ptfe spray coated tank framework

If you have any applications which you feel could benefit from the use of a PTFE spray coating, you can either call Andrew directly at Cameron Coatings in Cinderford on 01594 826088, complete the enquiry form at the top of this page or email chris@holscot.com

*Xylan is the registered trademark of Whitford Plastics