Innovation and Custom Fabrications

Holscot takes pride in its ability to identify and develop new products within the Fluoropolymers field.

innovation-issHolscot prides itself on being a provider of solutions.  Many of these solutions began as innovations, spawned by the needs of our customers and solved by Holscot through the application of extraordinary properties of FEP, PFA & EFTE.  For more information about the these versatility and the unique capabilities of Fluoropolymers click here.

Throughout Holscots’ over 50 years history we have been involved in a variety of high profile projects – details of many of them can be seen in the case studies section of this site.

When we are approached with a novel requirement / industry problem we collect together our most experienced engineers and together with the customer needs (in terms of properties for the material and the end use of the product) we collaborate on the possible solutions that will best resolve the problem.  Holscots team of experts work closely with customers providing regular updates on the project plan and cost progression.

Holscot is particularly experienced in collaborating with major contractors such as the Ministry of Defence, Rolls Royce, British Aerospace, Honeywell and MT Aerospace to develop high-tech solutions to their most difficult fluid handling problems.

Plunkett Award

Holscot is particularly proud of being a two time winner of the prestigious Plunkett Award given by DuPont de Nemours for Innovations with Teflon®.

The first award was in recognition of the work we have carried out in developing self-supporting containment tanks in Teflon® FEP.  This technology is now widely used in space and satellite technology.  Click here to learn more.

The second was awarded for our work in the development of a Teflon® based coating fused by laser.


Laser Coating

The need for an on-site applied non-stick coating prompted a project to investigate on site spraying and curing using a laser.  A consortium of companies led by Holscot pooled their extensive knowledge from various fields and gave rise to a system which provided a laser fused coating in PTFE/PFA and FEP.

Test cylinders were put into service and the results were encouraging.  Lightweight structures can be coated without exposing them to 400°C.


By engaging with Holscot our Fluoropolymer experts are available to work on solutions to your industrial problems.  Contact us using the contact form, or email with details of your enquiry.

Case Study

CEGB Research Centre

The Research Centre of the Central Electricity Generating Board based in Leatherhead in Surrey had been tasked to investigate the ongoing effects of global warming...

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