Fluoroplastic Heat Shrinkable Sleeves

An unsurpassed range of FEP and PFA Heat shrinkable sleeving to fit all diameters in a wide variety of thicknesses. The recognised solution to provide non-stick roll covers across a wide range of Industries.

Teflon® Roll Covers

The most widespread use of FEP and PFA Sleeves is as a surface covering for rollers in a wide diversity of industries. Straight rollers, bowed rollers, lead rollers, couch rollers, banana rollers, lamination rollers, spreader rollers, nip rollers – all can reap the benefits from the ultimate non-stick surface. Rollers of virtually any substrate can be covered, including metal, composite, rubber and even wood.

FEP sleeves are most commonly used. Having a temperature resistance of 200 deg C, FEP is able to provide the ultimate easy clean surface to industries such as the Paper, Reprographic and Converting industry.

With a flex life 10 times that of FEP and a temperature resistance of up to 250 deg C, PFA is used in the more arduous applications such as Extrusion/Lamination, where temperature and pressure take it to the limit of its performance

What we need to know

In order to receive a quotation, the following basic details are needed;

  • Diameter
  • Face Length
  • Material of Substrate (if rubber,please advise type of rubber and shore hardness)
  • Operating Conditions (temperature, pressure and environmental circumstances).

This information will normally dictate whether a FEP or PFA sleeve will be the best choice and whether the sleeve should be bonded to the roller or not. For bonded rollers an etched sleeve will be required.


Detailed installation instructions can be downloaded here.
If in any doubt, sleeves can be fitted by Holscot engineers either on site or at our FEP Shelman Division in Oldham. For applications involving multiple installations, customers’ engineers can undergo a two day training programme at FEP Shelman giving instruction on the relevant techniques to achieve a successful fitting.

Case Study


Within Xerox photocopiers, in common with most other photocopier manufacturers, there are numerous fluoroplastic components, including fuser cans...

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