Fluoroplastic Heat Shrinkable Sleeves

An unsurpassed range of FEP and PFA Heat shrinkable sleeving to fit all diameters in a wide variety of thicknesses. The recognised solution to provide non-stick roll covers across a wide range of Industries.

Heat Shrinkable Sleeving in FEP and PFA

fluoroplastic-heat-shrink5FEP and PFA have the ability that, once expanded under temperature, they will try to retrieve their original condition when subjected to similar temperatures. Using this ability, Holscot created a range of heatshrinkable sleeves in both materials which encompass a wide diversity of sizes.

Although primarily used to provide non-stick surfaces to rollers, bars and rods, the inertness of these Fluoropolymers can be advantageous in protecting chemical equipment such as agitator shafts, spargers and dip pipes. Heat Shrinkable FEP is also used as a protective sleeve for lamps (see Lamp Protection)

Heat shrinking can be achieved by the application of heat most efficiently by hot air gun, but steam or even an oven can be used in the right circumstances.