Fluoroplastic Extrusions

The most extensive range of extrusions in FEP, PFA, and ETFE tubing.

PFA Tubing

Our 8 extrusion lines produce many standard sizes of PFA tubing we are happy to extrude any specific size. Sizes from 1mm to a huge 400mm can be extruded on our versatile machines in thicknesses from 0.1mm to 3mm.

Holscot PFA tubing offers;pfa-tubing

  • Temperature resistance up to + 2600C
  • Withstands cryogenic temperatures as low a – 2000C
  • Ultimate chemical resistance
  • Unsurpassed non stick capabilities
  • Flexibility
  • Electrical insulation
  • 97% UV transmissivity
  • 100 times the flex life of FEP
  • Non contaminating – ideal for use in semiconductor processing.

Full details of the properties of PFA can be seen in the Glossary section.

Holscot can produce PFA tubing;pfa-spacers

  • To close tolerances
  • In continuous lengths or specified cut lengths.
  • Any colour – pigmentation can be introduced to suit your needs.
  • Etched for bonding.

Additionally, if you are looking for a way to incorporate the FEP tubing into more complex items such as gas bags, tanks or linings, Holscot’s experience in welding, etching and forming FEP can be used to provide the exact solution you need.

In line extrusion

In addition to producing free standing tubing, we can extrude PFA directly onto substrates such a glass, rubber, aluminium or steel.

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