Holscot Group Products for the Reprographic Industry.

FEP and PFA sleeves for rollers

Teflon-for-ReprographicThe nature of the reprographic industries demands a level of excellence in all the components used. Holscot provide an extensive range of products for the Reprographic Industry for use in PHOTOCOPIERS and LASER PRINTERS, meeting the highest possible quality standards.

Most commonly used in rubber covered Nip or pressure rollers, we also coat fuser cans.

Products available:

  • FEP sleeves
  • PFA sleeves for higher temperature applications
  • 2 types of etching
  • As Extruded Cast Natural Tubing
  • Heat shrinkable Sleeves
  • Wall thicknesses from 0.25mm.
  • Tight tolerances
  • Superb surface finish

We are proud of our history of excellence in this area.

Why Holscot?

  • World-class expertise in Fluoropolymers
  • Access to Holscot proprietary in-house manufacturing techniques
  • Proven manufacture and success since 1970
  • Buy Direct from the manufacture

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