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Holscot Group Products for the Paper Industry.

FEP and PFA sleeves for rollers

The Paper Industry was one of the first to recognise the potential presented by the Non Stick surface provided by Teflon ® sleeves. The build-up of sticky substances such as size and additives caused paper breaks, inferior quality and roller deterioration so the advent of a treatment which eliminated this build up was eagerly adopted.

Sleeves are used on, amongst others,

  • Bowed Rollers
  • Couch Rollers
  • Lead Rollers

These are often located around the Size Press of the Paper Machine but it can be anywhere where the accumulation of contamination causes difficulty.

FEP Sleeves for Drying Cylinders

Holscot can provide the benefits of the Teflon® surface to Drying Cylinders by fitting FEP sleeves whilst the cylinder is still in the machine. With the cooperation of the mill, Holscot brings the premade FEP Sleeve to site and wraps it around the cylinder. Using welding techniques developed and refined by Holscot, the two edges of the open sleeve are welded together to complete the cover. With background heat coming from the steam in the cylinder, the sleeve is shrunk using a 10kw Hot Air Gun. Adhesive is subsequently applied to secure the FEP sleeve to the cylinder.

Once the adhesive has cured, the mill is provided with a wipe clean, build up resistant surface. Possibly the most cost effective way to achieve an enhanced end product.

Holscot Group Products for the Printing and Converting Industry

FEP and PFA sleeves for rollers

FEP-Sleeve-for-Paper-IndustryContamination by inks, accumulation of adhesives and coatings as well as deterioration of roller substrates are problems which beset rollers in the Printing Industry so a Teflon® Sleeve represents the ideal solution. For the most part, FEP sleeves are applied to rollers of any substrate including metal, rubber and even composites. Alternatively, fully experienced Holscot engineers can come to site to carry out the work at customers’ own premises.

Extrusion/Lamination Rollers

One of the most common applications where Teflon® Sleeves are particularly indispensable is for Nip Rollers in Extrusion/Lamination processes producing flexible packaging such as liquid packs or bubble wrap. The rubber roller is subjected to extreme pressure and temperature so PFA is the material of choice. Holscot can supply sleeves to rubber roller manufacturers or carry out the fitting at our Oldham facility.


To supplement the range of Non Stick Roll Covers, Holscot also offers a solution for wet end build up. Developed exclusively for paper mills by Releco Coatings in Finland in close co-operation with Du Pont and applied under licence by Holscot, this proprietary non-stick technology provides smooth, continuous release of pulp and chemicals from many areas of the wet end. MicroCoat is a 5 microns thick site applied coating with a low coefficient of friction, which reduces sticky build up in headboxes and granite rolls and increases the life of doctor blades. It is applied in-house at room temperature without dimensional changes and lasts an average of six months to two years, depending upon application. Its benefits can be particularly seen in Headboxes and Granite rolls.

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