Holscot Group Products for the Offshore Industry.

offshore1Corrosion is a major factor in Offshore processing and many of the products of the Holscot group can assist with combating the effects of corrosion.

Products include:

  • Corrosion resistant PTFE lined pipework.
  • FEP flange shields for the protection of personnel in event of leaks.
  • Teflon® spray coatings of components exposed to corrosion attack such as nuts & bolts etc.
  • FEP, PFA and ETFE hose liners.
  • Corrosion resistant tanks and vessels.
  • Umbilical Liners in ETFE

etfe-coilsThe inherent flexibility and toughness of ETFE, coupled with its blanket chemical resistance make it an ideal choice for use in Umbilicals. Grouping a multitude of cables and tubing into one all-encompassing Umbilical, products and services can be conveyed from the shore to the seabed.

Joints in these tubes need to be kept to the minimum so Holscot has to carry out continuous extrusions of up to 2 km.