In recent years, Health and Safety concerns about the use of glass lighting in vulnerable environments have created a need for effective fragment retention in the event of breakages.

fep-lamp-protectionInitially it was UV lights used in insect entrapment that attracted the attention. To start with, low grade PET was used but it reduced UV and light transmission and, as a result of exposure to the high temperatures experienced at the end of fluorescent lights, the covers deteriorated well before the end of the life of the light adversely affecting the ability of the light to attract insects. Lamps covered using these low grade coverings run the risk of not passing the prescribed drop test at the end of the life of the lamp.

With an ability to allow 97% of UV to pass through it and a resistance to elevated temperatures, FEP became the material of choice. As specialists in the extrusion of FEP, Holscot became involved in this market at an early stage.

Holscot offers the ability to cover customers own free issue lamps as well as heat shrinkable FEP sleeving for customers to fit themselves. Straight tubes can be sleeved but Holscot also offers protection to U shaped lamps in the form of preformed pouches of FEP and even Circline lamps.

As legislation started to be introduced that even standard fluorescent lamps used in high risk areas such as food preparation and public access buildings, Holscot took in ever larger numbers of fluorescent tubes such that it now processes over a million lights per year.


All Holscot FEP lamp covers are fully IEC61549 compliant

All covered lamps are tested in accordance with the IEC 61549. They are subjected to a 4m drop test to ensure all fragments are retained.

Holscot undertook to have their products tested by an independent test house to these standards –  a copy of the test report can be seen at our Downloads page and can be accessed from the link below.

Induction Lighting

induction-lighting-coverIn a new development, Holscot has been working with leading Induction Lighting companies to realise a solution to protecting these long lasting lights. Using 0.5mm thick FEP, the encapsulation offers fragment retention for the duration of the intended 10 year plus life of the lamp.



UV Lamp CoversStandard CoversTest Results for BS EN61549:2003+A2:2010