Holscot specialises in using the versatile Fluoroplastic products to offer unique solutions to Aerospace problems. The diverse properties of Fluoroplastics, coupled with Holscot’s unique fabrication capabilities, enable Holscot to offer custom made products to solve individual difficulties.

All these materials, FEP, PFA and ETFE inherit the electrical resistance, non stick capability, flame resistance and chemical resistance of PTFE whilst at the same time adding the properties of weldability and thermoformability which come from being a true thermoplastic. Some of the more notable examples of Holscot’s activities within the Aerospace Industry have been:-

Non Porous membranes

In FEP for high risk areas of aircraft, such as toilet areas, galleys, overhead lockers etc. Holscot can, by using vacuum forming, welding and bonding techniques provide preformed membranes to exactly fit the contours of the areas involved to offer a flame resistant barrier to liquid ingress. Alternatively welded sheets can be used for larger areas.

Self Supporting containment bags

In their early years, Holscot used their newly acquired skills in vacuum forming, welding and etching FEP material to create containment tanks for the Ministry of Defence. These skills are as much in demand as ever to provide 100% plastic propellant tanks, constructed using glass or carbon fibre backed FEP, fabricated on a mandrel and overwrapped to form a homogeneous tank which is not only demisable but also significantly less heavy than traditional metal propellant tanks. These tanks can also be designed to incorporate Fluoropolymer diaphragms.

Fluoroplastic Diaphragms for Space Propulsion

As new propellants are considered, the traditional means of expelling them have been found wanting, particularly regarding compatibility. As a result, fluoropolymers are now being widely considered as an alternative. Holscot are world leaders in the development of these diaphragms as a result of their innovative work with MT Aerospace on their ATV project. Holscot worked closely with MT developing a FEP liner for water tanks being used to transport drinking water to the International Space Station. To achieve this, Holscot had to produce the largest vacuum forming ever attempted in FEP.  For more details see Case Histories.

A range of tubing in FEP, PFA and ETFE

Which can be used for fluid transmission. The non-stick capabilities of the Fluoroplastics as well as the inertness and electrical insulating properties can be of great advantage when used as liners.

The range also includes heat shrinkable sleeving.

Heat shrinkable protective covers

To act as corrosion barrier against Aero Engine lubricants and fluids in Aero Engine fan casings. The covers are made from Holscot film in thicknesses from 0.25mm to 0.5mm. The film can be pigmented for aesthetic purposes or to enhance the covering of the substrate materials.

Non stick thin gauge FEP film

For use in carbon fibre lamination. Very wide sheet can be produced by using sophisticated welding techniques for use on larger components such as satellite dishes.

Holscot is registered to ISO 9001 and is an approved supplier to Rolls-Royce, British Aerospace, Pratt and Whitney, MT Aerospace Eaton and Honeywell.

Case Study

MT Aerospace

In order to provide the astronauts on the International Space Station with vital supplies, the European space ferry ATV (Automated Transfer Vehicle) is launched...

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