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In the process of manufacturing sheets of safety glass, the glass must be stress relieved in an autoclave and the sheets of laminated glass rest on aluminium lats.


The aluminium was causing a stress induced pattern seen with polaroid light in the finished glass sheets – especially noticeable in high rise buildings.


FEP was identified as being the ideal choice as a covering for the lats because of its renowned non-stick capability and its resistant to corrosive attack from the chemicals used in the glass production process.

Originally it was envisaged that FEP heat shrinkable sleeves could be supplied for the customer to fit themselves but it was found that the most cost effective method was for the customer to send the lats to Holscot for them to fit using their proprietary covering technique employing the “through the head” system of coating.

The FEP covered lats have dramatically improved the locked in stress patterns of the laminated glass. As and when the FEP covering is damaged, the lats are returned to Holscot for recovering.