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British Aerospace


The BAe146 aircraft was the baby of British Aerospace in Manchester and it was there that all the internals were also constructed including the toilet and galley areas.


In the toilet and galley areas it is vitally important to contain inevitable spillages to prevent ingression with resultant corrosion into the highly sensitive areas of the aircraft. In order to achieve this BAe were using plain FEP sheet which they folded and pleated to make it fit into an area with highly complex contours. As specialists in all aspects of fabrication work using these advanced fluoropolymers Holscot offered their services to try to come up with a more attractive and reliable solution.


Working closely with British Aerospace, Holscot developed a membrane which would exactly fit the contours of the wall and floor areas of the toilet and galley areas. A patchwork was constructed using FEP formings taken from 0.25mm thick FEP pieces together with plain 0.25mm FEP sheet all welded together using Holscot’s own unique welding capabilities and the finished membrane was chemically etched. British Aerospace staff then expertly fitted the FEP membrane to the modular units using a combination of heat and adhesive. The result was an outer of corrosion resistant, non-porous FEP which fitted snugly to the modular units and sealed that area completely.

The same concept was used by Holscot on a project to seal the toilet areas of the RAF’s fleet of VC10 aircraft.