Restoration of MGB Car Wheels


Cameron Coatings, the spray coating company based in Cinderford which is part of the Holscot Group was recently asked by an MGB enthusiast with breathing new life into the wire wheels of his beloved green 50 year old 1967 MGB. At the time, they were very much the worse for wear but the specialists at...
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Holscot at UK Space Conference Manchester


Holscot will be participating at the upcoming UK Space Conference in Manchester between 30th May and 1st June. We will be showcasing our FEP diaphragm and bladder sets for use in Space Propellant tanks. Taking advantage of FEP’s exceptional resistance to established and new Space Propellants, FEP offers an acceptable alternative where traditional materials such...
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Fluoroplastic Belts


We have lately seen an increasing interest in the use of melt processable Fluoroplastics, most commonly FEP, as a continuous belt. Taking advantage of FEP’s non-stick, quick release properties, customers are using the belts as a means to apply additives to various products. The FEP is able to fully release the additive and leave a...
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What is Teflon®


What is Teflon® In 1938 an employee of the Du Pont de Nemours Corporation discovered PTFE as a by product of the refrigeration process. His name was Dr Roy J. Plunkett. This PTFE material was identified as being the ultimate Non Stick surface with a coefficient of friction lower than ice on ice. Totally inert,...
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FEP Bladder System for Hydrogen Peroxide Tanks


Working with MT Aerospace, Holscot developed an FEP bladder system based on FEP film to contain drinking water for the International Space Station. The FEP bladder comprised a liner which was bonded to the metallic tank and a collapsible FEP Diaphragm which assisted in the total expulsion of the potable water. The two components were...
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Revolutionary Demisable Propellant Tanks


At the recent Space Propulsion Exhibition in Rome, Holscot showcased their revolutionary FEP/Composite demisable tank for use with Space Propellants. A number of factors pointed Holscot towards the development of these tanks. Firstly, the fact that the use of Hydrazine as a propellant will be prohibited in a few year’s time so new, more chemically...
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