Ryewater Nurseries


The Nurseries were seeking a new environment in which to cultivate authentic Thai vegetables in the UK specifically to service exclusive Thai restaurants in London.


A glass Greenhouse did not afford the right climate to encourage the vegetables to grow. Additionally the glass is prone to damage and is very heavy – typically 10 times the weight of ETFE.


Holscot put forward ETFE as an alternative to glass.


  • Better light transmission and heat retention than structures using glass.
  • Plants grow faster and healthier because they receive the full spectrum of light.
  • All year Gardening
  • Internal temperatures can be up to 50% above ambient
  • 30% higher temperature retention than single thickness glass.


  • Support Structures require less strength and will therefore cost less.

Patented design

  • The unique and innovative design allows the premade panels to be slotted together to form a variety of design solutions. GB Patent GB2468915

ETFE will not support combustion and is safer in use, requiring fewer fire exits than where other plastic construction materials are used.

ETFE exhibits very low co-efficient of friction, which means that dirt finds it very difficult to adhere to the panels; they are thus “self cleaning”.

The structure was designed and constructed by Perrity’s Greenhouses, Wisbech. The premade aluminium panels covered by Holscot in ETFE were located into the frame and secured with cleats.

Inside the greenhouse a climate has been created which will enable the Thai vegetables to thrive. The results can be seen in the photos below