Portals of Basingstoke


Portals of Basingstoke (now De La Rue) are manufacturers of security paper used in bank notes. Of necessity, the quality of that paper needs to be perfect.


At the time, Portals were experiencing a very high level of rejects because of contamination for sticky build up on the drying cylinders at the size press area of the paper machines.


The engineer in charge of the Paper Machines visited the Holscot stand at a Papex exhibition and discovered Holscot’s range of FEP Heat Shrinkable Sleeves which can be fitted on site in Paper Mills. The FEP surface provides the ultimate in non stick.

The decision was made to have FEP sleeves fitted to the first two cylinders after the size press in one of the Mill’s machines. Holscot came to site with ready made sleeves which had been cut open to facilitate on site welding together with Holscot’s own unique welding machines.

Holscot engineers worked closely with the onsite workforce to carry out the installation. The sleeves were welded together, shrunk down and bonded. The adhesive was allowed to cure overnight then the covered cylinders were ready to go.

To the delight of the engineer who first made contact with Holscot, the result was a dramatic reduction in rejects and an increase in satisfaction from their end customers – including the Bank of England. Portals then went on to have FEP sleeves fitted to all the size press Drying Cylinders in all their machines on site.