Nestle Girvan


Engineers at Nestle’s chocolate crumb processing facility in Girvan Scotland were constantly faced with a huge clean down bill as chocolate crumb accumulated in the bore of their stainless steel pipe run, blocking the flow of product and reducing the efficiency of the plant. Every week the maintenance department spent many hours scraping away the built up chocolate.


In consultation with Nestle Engineers, FEP Shelman/HND supplied a replacement run of Stainless steel pipes and fittings lined in PTFE, 100mm bore. The ultimate non stick surface meant that the chocolate could not get a grip to the pipework so the build up was eliminated and the necessity for costly cleaning was removed.

After several years in service, PTFE lined pipe work has proved to have significantly reduced periodic service intervals, minimised downtime and released valuable resources.

The PTFE material meets both the United States Food and Drug regulations and the United Kingdom Materials and Articles in Contact with Food Regulations.