Green Embassy – Flexcover


Flexcover approached Holscot in 2015 with the design for a ‘Green Embassy’ to be built in the centre of Aarhus, Denmark, as part of their launch as European Capital of Culture 2017. They were looking for a light weight, highly transparent glazing solution and were keen to use the ETFE panel system developed by Holscot.


The design of the structure required the panels to be designed in irregular shapes and sizes with non-standard angled corners so that a curvaceous design could be produced.


It was decided that the project would use Holscot’s new 16mm aluminium extrusion for the framing system and the panels would be double skinned to provide a better thermal performance. The issues surrounding the irregular design of the panels meant that the aluminium frames were laser cut for precision and mechanically fitted using new corner fixings developed for the 16mm aluminium extrusion.

200 micron ETFE was used and it was decided that the material would be plain transparent with no additional coloured or fritting as shading would be provided by a willow screen placed on the outside to reduce solar radiation and increase security.

The ETFE film encapsulated each aluminium frame and was fusion welded. This was then heat shrunk onto the aluminium frame to create a high tension across each panel. Stiffening bars were added to each panel due to the tension the ETFE exerted on them and the precise angles that were required for construction.

Once the panels were manufactured they were shipped over to Denmark and installed into the structure of the building which was made up of curved glulam beams. This was then covered in willow for shading and security.

The ‘Green Embassy’ now sits in the centre of Aarhus, Denmark and contains 40 Holscot double skin ETFE panels. The Embassy is open to the public and promotes the growing and cooking of local produce and urban farming as part of the European Capital of Culture 2017. The temporary structure will be there for 2 years before being relocated.