Elan Vital UK


Elan Vital UK were looking to develop an apparatus to analyse breath with the aim of early detection of health problems. This necessitated the patient blowing into a sealed bag. It was vital that this bag be made of a material which would not contaminate the gas sample


The design of the bag was already dependent on the design of the apparatus. The main area of difficulty was to develop a way to seal the bag.


Because of FEP’s inherent inertness and because Holscot had the techniques to extrude and weld FEP, it was chosen as being the ideal material. The bag was formed from an extrusion in FEP which was folded over and welded at the end but, at the inlet end, a special sealing arrangement onto the end plate had to be developed. The resultant bags were subjected to irradiation to ensure the sterility of the bags in use.