What is Heat Shrink Tubing? How to Find reliable manufacturers?


What is heat shrink tubing?

Heat shrink tubing is plastic tubing that can be heated and shrunk to cover and protect other elements. Holscot uses heat shrink tubing to create heat shrinkable sleeves in PFA and FEP which provide non-stick surfaces to rollers, bars & rods.

It has a wide range of applications from the insulation of wires, to the provision of abrasion resistance and the covering of rollers.

Heat shrink tubing is made from thermoplastics which don’t melt or develop a flowing consistency, no matter what temperatures they are exposed to. It can be made from a wide range of materials such as PVA, Viton®, PTFE, PFA, FEP & Teflon®.

Heat shrinking is done by applying heat to a shrinkable plastic tube. Commonly a hot air gun is used but steam and ovens can be used for certain applications.

How to find reliable heat shrink tubing manufacturers in the UK?

In order to find a reliable UK heat shrink tubing manufacturer, you need to ask them or consider the following:

  • Do they have expertise in the application you are interested in? A thermoplastics company with experience can save you thousands by the application of that expertise and, often by giving you good advice about what you are doing or adjusting your project to make it more cost-effective
  • Do they have the capacity to produce the required result? It is important to understand the production capacity and timescales that your manufacturer will work from.
  • Do they understand which materials would offer the right properties for your particular application?
  • Have they a good understanding of which polymers would meet your needs? There are a number of polymers with different strengths and uses such as Teflon®, FEP, and PFA
  • Are they a heat shrink tubing manufacturer in the UK? Ideally, you’ll be working with a company that is based in the UK that can understand the environment that your heat shrink tubing is going into. In addition, they will be able to deliver the products on a timescale to suit you & to work closely with you where the need arises.
  • Can they train you in the installation of sleeves where multiple applications are required? One way of reducing project costs over time is to train staff members in the successful fitting of heatshrink tubing. Customers of our FEP Shelman division can undergo a two-day training programme so that they can do this themselves, saving installation costs

Holscot’s has two teams of engineers who can fit heat shrinkable sleeves. Holscot is based in Grantham with one team & our FEP Shelman division, based in Oldham, has the other.