What goes around, come around


Back in the early 1990’s, Holscot was contracted by what was then Allied Colloids to manufacture cauldrons for the production of flocculating gel used in absorbent pads such as nappies. The end product is made in large tapered vessels and, once a chemical reaction takes place, the consistency becomes that of a jelly so it is very difficult to extricate. They needed a non-stick, chemically resistant liner to solve the problem. They tried many potential solutions but the only one that worked was a glass backed FEP liner overwrapped with GRP and integrated into the existing Stainless Steel Vessels.

At the time, Holscot worked with Northern Plastics in Bradford to create 66 of these cauldrons for the Allied Colloids plants in Bradford and Grimsby.

Over 25 years later, some of these original cauldrons are finally reaching the end of their lives and the time has come to renovate them. Once again, Holscot has stepped up to the plate and is working with Engenda in Elland to take the existing vessels, strip out the FEP/GRP element and completely replace them.

Once complete, it is hoped that they will be able to get another 25 years out of them.

For more details see our Case History for Allied Colloids. If you have a similar requirement or have any technical questions please contact us at sales@holscot.com