Holscot Europe launches new ecommerce Website for FEP film


fep film

In response to an increasing demand for FEP film in rolls and cut pieces, Holscot Europe has launched a new ecommerce website where customers can order FEP film in a variety of thicknesses in sizes to suit their needs.

FEP has become a popular choice for use in 3D printers. As an alternative to PDMS or silicone, it can be used in the base of a Flexvat.

Sheets of FEP can be used also as a separation film for chemical protection as well as being used for gaskets and seals.

In conjunction with FEP covered UV lamps, FEP film is often used in UV disinfection. The unsurpassed UV transmissivity of FEP makes it an ideal choice.

The thinner gauges of FEP are commonly used as a release film for moulds – particularly in composite manufacturing but, in some cases of research and development, buying a full roll of film is uneconomical. We are now equipped to provide smaller quantities for evaluation

Holscot Europe will be maintaining a stock of FEP film in thicknesses from 0.025mm to 1mm. You can select the size you need and make payment using all major credit cards. Our staff will cut to size, pack and despatch usually within a couple of days. They are equipped to despatch anywhere in the world.

The website address is fep-film.com. We invite you to visit the site and check out what is available.