The Changing Role of FEP Shelman


FEP ShelmanBased in Oldham, the FEP Shelman division of the Holscot Group has had to adapt to the changing picture of industry in the UK. When it first joined the group, the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries in the UK were buoyant and demand for Fluoroplastic Lined Pipework, Vessels and Tanks was high.

At that time, FEP Shelman offered a full range of PTFE lined pipework, FEP lined dip pipes, spargers and accessories as well as the lining of steel vessels and tanks using PVDF, ECTFE, FEP and PFA. As part of the Holscot Group of companies, they also had access to semi-finished materials such as tubing and sheet in these Fluoroplastics.

They were also distributors for the GEKO range of pumps and pump spares originally marketed by the Shelman Company

Even today, they are still able to offer these services with very experienced workforce but, as the Chemical Industry and Pharmaceutical Industry in the UK has declined, they have had to diversify and being part of the Holscot Group has allowed them to do that.

So, in addition to being able to offer all the services they have historically had at their disposal, they have now become the centre for all Holscot’s Roller Covering activities.

Experienced engineers are used to install FEP and PFA sleeves to free issue rollers at the factory in Oldham. Bonded or unbonded sleeves, rubber or metal rollers – they can all be accommodated. In the case of Rubber Rollers, they can even arrange for regrinding of existing rubber surfaces and/or rerubbering of worn out rubber.

For customers with many sleeves to install who may wish to learn the techniques of fitting sleeves, we can organise a training course at our Oldham facility where they will learn the techniques of installing the sleeves including a few “tricks of the trade”. We have organised a number of these training courses for end customers and potential Overseas Distributors from as far afield as Thailand and Taiwan.

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