Pigmented FEP and PFA


In their natural state, FEP and PFA are transparent when extruded. For many applications, this transparency is an advantage. For example, in the case of FEP being used as a shatter resistant cover for UV lamps, not only does the transparency mean that the light itself is unimpeded but also, the UV transmissivity is over 97%.

Pigmented FEP PFA


But there are situations where pigmentation may be necessary, either for identification, aesthetics or concealment.

As a specialist in extrusion of these materials, equipped with 9 extrusion lines, Holscot has the ability to carry out custom extrusions which can accommodate the addition of pigments to serve customers specific needs. For example;

Release films

The use of red, white and sometimes blue FEP and ETFE release films in composite manufacturing has been a common feature for many years. Usually used in the thinner gauges of 25, 50 and 100 micron, they are used as a disposable release membrane. As well as being able to supply these, Holscot could also supply thicker gauge FEP film with a pigment.

Heat Shrinkable Sleeving

On occasion, our customers will ask us to pigment our FEP, PFA or ETFE heat shrinkable sleeving to provide identifiability in the covering of multiple parts and this can be done for a relatively modest minimum production run.

Aero Engines

fep protective covers aero enginesWhere we are asked to provide FEP protective covers in the fan case area of Aero Engines, we are often asked to pigment the material either for aesthetic purposes or to conceal what is underneath the protective FEP sleeve. We have successfully added yellow, blue, red and grey to the extrusion of the FEP film to provide this option.

If you have requirements for pigmented versions of FEP, PFA or ETFE films or tubing, including Heat Shrink tubing, please contact us using the enquiry form here or contact us direct at sales@holscot.com