Restoration of MGB Car Wheels


Restoration of MGB Car WheelsCameron Coatings, the spray coating company based in Cinderford which is part of the Holscot Group was recently asked by an MGB enthusiast with breathing new life into the wire wheels of his beloved green 50 year old 1967 MGB.

At the time, they were very much the worse for wear but the specialists at Camerons set about restoring the wire wheels to their former glory. They made short work of removing all the debris and rust and existing paintwork then applied primers followed by durable exterior bonded polyester.

In doing so, they used techniques developed exclusively by them which go a long way to making good any pitting on the surface and provide a perfect smooth finish. These same techniques are employed by Camerons on high specification Aerospace contracts

In due course the wire wheels were revitalised and looked perfect.

The customer commented:
Restoration of MGB Car Wheels by Cameron Coatings“The work they have done to them is superb; they were in a poor state, peeling silver paint, pitting and rust bubbles, etc. when I dropped them off to him on 30 March.
When I collected them on 5 April (a really fast turnaround) they looked like new!
These are 50 year old MGB wire wheels and they now look as good, if not better, than when they came off the Abingdon production line in 1967, and now in modern ‘mock silver’ powder coat that should last another 50 years”

If you are looking to have similar work done to the wheels of your treasured transport please contact Andrew at Cameron Coatings on 01594 826088 or email Chris at