PTFE Spray Coating

Cameron Coatings specialise in high precision coating for metal parts such as fasteners, joints and small components. Decorative coatings can also be carried out including car parts.

Cameron Coatings

Specialists in spray and powder coating.about-cameron

Located in Cinderford, this division of the Holscot Group are skilled and experienced coating applicators.They are proud to be licensed by all the major coating providers.

Economical solutions for a multitude of industrial coating problems.

  • Low Friction
  • Non Stick
  • Electrical Insulation
  • Inertness
  • Non Contamination
  • Decorative
  • Anti Corrosion

Some of the industries enjoying the benefits of these coatings include:

Food Industry

Items such as sweet moulds, impression rollers, preparation trays can all be provided with a Food Approved, Non Stick, Easy Clean surface to provide a reduction in cleaning downtime.

Electrical Industry

Solenoids etc. can be coated with PTFE to provide electrical insulation.

Chemical Industry

Thin coatings of PTFE can be used to protect chemical equipment such as pumps, valves and vessel accessories against the corrosive actions of weak acidic and alkaline solutions. In harsher corrosive conditions, Halar/ECTFE can be used to provide a high build coating. No known chemical stress cracks Halar up to 120 C.

Medical Industry

The Inertness of some specially developed coatings means that coated parts can be used in direct contact with the human body. Coated parts can also be safely autoclaved.

Offshore IndustryPTFE-spray-coating-2

The corrosive effects of salt water can be prevented by coating. Such items as nuts and bolts are commonly coated to prevent seizure from rusting.

Aerospace Industry

PTFE coatings are frequently applied to small aircraft components to lower the coefficient of friction and to provide electrical insulation or a self-lubricating protective surface.

Automotive Industry

The non stick and electrical insulation capabilities of PTFE are widely used within the car industry. A particular speciality of Cameron Coatings is the application of decorative finishes to Car Parts for Performance vehicles such as Ford Cosworth, XR4 and Audi.

The coating of wheels is a very popular service. We can make your vehicle stand out in the crowd by giving your wheels an outstanding look.

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Printing/Converting IndustriesPTFE-spray-coating-1

The build up of sticky substances onto rollers and ancillary equipment can be minimised by the use of non stick PTFE coatings. PTFE surfaces on such items as ink trays can be completely cleaned eliminating the risk of contamination by darker dyes.

Reprographic Industry

The use of PTFE coatings for fuser rollers on photocopiers is one of the most widely recognised applications for Fluoroplastic spray coatings.

Cameron Coatings are officially licensed applicators for Xylan® Halar® Teflon®

In January 2016, Whitford Plastics renewed their approval to Cameron’s as an authorised applicator of their Xylan® range of PTFE coatings. A certificate and plaque were presented in recognition of the high standard achieved by Cameron Coatings on such diverse applications as fasteners and milk jugs for coffee houses

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