Fluoroplastic Heat Shrinkable Sleeves

An unsurpassed range of FEP and PFA Heat shrinkable sleeving to fit all diameters in a wide variety of thicknesses. The recognised solution to provide non-stick roll covers across a wide range of Industries.

FEP Heat Shrinkable Sleeve

The range for FEP sleeves is as follows;

Holscot range of seamless heat shrinkable sleeves in FEP 12mm – 380mm wall thickness 0.51mm nominal* 1mm and 1.5mm wall also available

Nominal DiameterNominal DiameterWill Fit DiametersMin Expanded DiameterMin Expanded Diameter
12mm1/2″12mm to 15mm0.47″ to 0.59″17mm0.67″
19mm3/4″16mm to 22mm0.60″ to 0.87″23mm0.9″
25mm1″23mm to 28mm0.9 ” to 1.1″30mm1.18″
32mm1.25″29mm to 36mm1.2″ to 1.4″38mm1.5″
38mm1.5″37mm to 43mm1.45″ to 1.7″45mm1.77″
51mm2″44mm to 53mm1.75″ to 2.1″55mm2.16″
64mm2.5″54mm to 66mm2.12″ to 2.6″71mm2.8″
76mm3″67mm to 79mm2.64″ to 3.1″83mm3.3″
89mm3.5″80mm to 89mm3.15″ to 3.6″96mm3.8″
102mm4″90mm to 109mm3.6″ to 4.3″114mm4.5″
127mm *5″110mm to 132mm4.33″ to 5.2″137mm5.4″
152mm *6″133mm to 157mm5.23″ to 6.2″162mm6.4″
178mm *7″158mm to 178mm6.22″ to 7.0″183mm7.2″
203mm *8″179mm to 211mm7.05″ to 8.3″216mm8.5″
229mm *9″212mm to 234mm8.35″ to 9.2″241mm9.5″
257mm *10.5″235mm to 269mm9.25″ to 10.6″279mm11″
305mm *12″270mm to 307mm10.63″ to 12.1″325mm12.8″
380mm *15″308mm to 401mm12.13″ to 15.8″411mm16.2″
420mm *16.5″402mm to 435mm15.83″ to 17.1″450mm17.7″

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