Protect your Engineers from leaking flanges


In a chemical or pharmaceutical plant, the last thing you want is for leaking product to spray out onto your Engineers – a Health and Safety nightmare. The simple answer is a Holscot Teflon R Flange Shield. Made from 100% inert FEP material, the Holscot Flange Shield is quickly and easily fitted over any flange....
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Can I fit a Holscot Roll Cover myself?


Certainly it is possible – particularly for smaller diameter rollers which do not need adhesive. Holscot FEP and PFA Roll Covers, when subjected to a heat source, will try to shrink back to their original extruded size. That heat source is generally a hot air gun. The roller must be rotated during the shrinking process and the hot...
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Drinking Water in Space


It’s not all recycled urine! Some drinking water used to be transported up to the International Space Station in tanks – and the tanks were lined with Holscot FEP bladders! Working with MT Aerospace in Germany, Holscot developed a lining system for their steel tanks which incorporated a collapsible diaphragm to push the drinking water out...
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Coated Coffee Pots for Coffee Shops


Baristas across the land will know all too well the chore of having to clean out the milk jugs they use for frothing the milk. Why not make it easier and get the jugs coated using a Non Stick PTFE coating? Available in different colours, the coating is fully food approved. The milk won’t stick...
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Do It Yourself Lamp Covering


If you are a supplier of lamps – either fluorescent or UV lamps – and your customers are asking to have them protected, you can do it yourself. Holscot Heat Shrinkable Lamp sleeving can be easily applied using a hot air gun (even a paint stripper will do). But if you’ve got more than a handful...
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What is ETFE?


More and more people are becoming aware of ETFE as they come across it in their business and everyday lives. Maybe the Eden Project; the Swimming arena at the Beijing Olympics; the transparent plastic over a greenhouse or even the covering over your pool in Center Parcs. A copolymer of the TFE family of Fluoroplastics, it...
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Whitford Plastics Renew Cameron Coatings Approval


In recognition of the high standard of the application of their range of Xylan PTFE based coatings, Whitford Plastics have renewed the approval of Cameron Coatings until July 2017. Cameron’s have been using Whitford’s Xylan products for over 30 years for such diverse applications as fasteners, aerospace components, food trays and chemical accessories. The Certificate and...
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