Cameron Coatings – providing specialist coatings for car enthusiasts


In a previous blog, we mentioned the work that Cameron Coatings did in restoring the wheels of a 1967 MGB to better-than-new condition.

Camerons have continued to support local car enthusiasts to maintain or improve the appearance and efficiency of their vehicles by applying powder coatings to internal and external parts alike.


We have been applying decorative coatings to wheels for many years. There is a huge range of colours available as well as a choice between gloss and matt finishes.

Cameron coatings multi coloured alloy wheels Cameron coatings silver alloy wheels Cameron coatings alloy wheels


Cylinder heads can be customised to make give the engine that extra visual impact

Cameron coatings cylinder head

Exhaust assemblies

Cameron coatings exhaust assemblyEven the less visible parts of the vehicle can be smartened up.

If you have some car parts which would benefit from a spruce up, you can either call Andrew directly at Cameron Coatings in Cinderford on 01594 826088, complete the enquiry form here or email