Holscot FEP Heat Shrinkable Sleeving for Battery encapsulation


Over the many years of Holscot’s existence, we have seen a multitude of applications for our range of heat shrinkable sleeving in FEP and PFA. Initially, their use was centred on the Paper and Printing industries where the non-stick properties of the sleeves provided a surface which was easy to clean and prevented the build-up of sticky substances.

Holscot FEP Heat Shrinkable Sleeving for Battery encapsulation

As time went on, the many and varied properties of these Fluoroplastic materials offered solutions to an ever increasing diversity of applications. The UV stability and 97% transmissivity of the FEP provides the best shatter resistant covering for lamps. PFA sleeves offer the best and most resilient surface for Flexible Packaging manufacturers. The unsurpassed chemical resistance of FEP and PFA is widely used on the covering of probes and thermowells.

We have also built up a growing customer base using the electrical resistance and inertness of the FEP Heat Shrinkable material for the encapsulation of battery packs which are exposed to hostile environments such as chemicals and saltwater.

Quickly and easily fitted, the FEP sleeves are usually thin walled to provide maximum protection without taking up extra space or adding weight.

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