Teflon® Roll Covers – the solution to so many problems


At the beginning of Holscot’s history, it was the Teflon® Roll Cover which inspired our founder to establish our company and, since then, it has been the bedrock of our business and has provided its benefits to a multitude of applications across an wide diversity of applications.

In our formative years, when the FEP sleeves were in their infancy and were exclusively supplied by DuPont de Nemours, it was the printing industry, the textile industry and the paper industry which were the biggest users of these innovative products. In the printing industry, aggressive inks were causing contamination problems. Similarly, in the textile industry the dyes would impregnate the roller surfaces and cause mark off on the fabric. In the paper industry the build-up of sticky substances such as size were giving rise to a deterioration in product quality and production time.

The unsurpassed Non-Stick capability of the Teflon® FEP Heat Shrinkable Roll Covers meant the virtual elimination of these problems. At that time the Paper Industry was buoyant so we were fitting sleeves to lead rollers, bowed rollers, carrier rollers etc on a weekly basis.

Teflon Roll CoversHaving developed the ability to carry out on-site welding of Teflon® FEP sleeves, we were able to apply these Non-Stick surfaces to Drying Cylinders in Paper Mills right across the globe.

In parallel with this, the reprographic industry was expanding rapidly as more and more companies started to use in house photocopiers and printers. These items of reprographic equipment themselves employed the use of Teflon® surfaces on rollers used in the hottest part of the machine. This necessitated the use of PFA as the sleeving material and many thousand rollers were manufactured with this PFA surface – in particular the rubber pressure roller.

The use of PFA in such an arduous environment ultimately led to its use in the Liquid Packaging Industry. As people increasingly turned to cartons for containing liquids such as fruit juices, wine and milk, the manufacturers of this Aseptic Packaging expanded into markets across the world.

Within their manufacturing process, an extruded curtain of PU is nipped between the card and the foil liner and it is at this location where a Teflon® surface is needed. Because if the intense heat and pressure, PFA is the material of choice and this has become a major market for PFA Roll Covers.

As the Industries which primarily used Teflon® Roll Covers relocated around the world we have sought to follow the market by establishing distributorships in many different countries such as China, Thailand, Taiwan and Indonesia.

Holscot is now a self-sufficient manufacturer of FEP and PFA sleeve, with a complement of eight extrusion lines and in house etching capability for sodium napththalene and sodium ammonia.

New markets have opened up for FEP and PFA heat shrinkable sleeves, including battery packs, chemically resistant flexible joints, cord encapsulation and, perhaps most notably, the covering of lamps to provide shatter resistance. However, the use of FEP and PFA as a Roll Cover remains one of its most steadfast markets, no matter where in the world that may be.

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Teflon® is the registered trade name of DuPont de Nemours