How to fit a Holscot FEP Flange Shield


Holscot’s range of FEP flange shields offer protection to your operators in dangerous environments where a leaky joint will be likely to cause extensive damage.

Manufactured from 100% inert FEP material, the chemical resistance of this fluoroplastic enables it to be used in virtually any chemical environment. And it is simplicity itself to clip them into position.

Simply line up the PTFE pegs with the holes and push until they click into place.

How to fit a Holscot FEP Flange Shield

Once in position, if you want them to grip tighter onto the flange rim, you can apply a little heat and the Holscot Flange Shield will shrink tightly onto the steel. However, this will preclude the possibility that the Flange Shield can be reused.

In the event of a leak, it will be immediately visible due to the transparency of the FEP. Furthermore, the design of the Holscot Flange Shield allows that the nuts and bolts can be accessed without disturbance of the Flange Shield.

How to fit a Holscot FEP Flange Shield

Within seconds you can make your pipeline a safer place for your operators.

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