Fluoroplastic Belts


We have lately seen an increasing interest in the use of melt processable Fluoroplastics, most commonly FEP, as a continuous belt.

Taking advantage of FEP’s non-stick, quick release properties, customers are using the belts as a means to apply additives to various products. The FEP is able to fully release the additive and leave a surface which can be quickly and easily cleaned.

We can use virgin plain FEP sheet , in thicknesses from 0.1mm to 2.3mm welded together using our proprietary welding process.

Alternatively we can use glass backed FEP laminate in thicknesses up to 5mm. Using the glass backed laminate offers more rigidity and stability. Some customers also carve profiles into the thicker FEP gauges to achieve a particular spread pattern.

Widths and circumferences are virtually infinite as a result of our welding capabilities. The butt welding technique we use gives rise to a weld which is virtually undiscernible so that there is no risk of mark off on the end product.

Applications include the spreading of adhesive to laminate flooring or a smoothing compound to uneven surfaces as well as acting as a chemically resistant non stick conveyor for particularly adherent flocculating gels.

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