Revolutionary Demisable Propellant Tanks


Revolutionary Demisable Propellant TanksAt the recent Space Propulsion Exhibition in Rome, Holscot showcased their revolutionary FEP/Composite demisable tank for use with Space Propellants.

A number of factors pointed Holscot towards the development of these tanks. Firstly, the fact that the use of Hydrazine as a propellant will be prohibited in a few year’s time so new, more chemically resistant materials of construction need to be found.

Second, the move towards making all components capable of totally disintegrating on re-entry – demisability.

In addition, lead times on standard metallic propellant tanks are now so protracted and the prospects of getting custom made tank solutions are virtually nil.

The FEP/Composite tanks tick all those boxes and more. Based on tried and tested techniques that Holscot has been using in Chemical Industry applications, this unique concept offers solutions quickly.

The construction of the tank hinges on the use of Glass Backed FEP as the liner. The Glass Fabric is fused into the FEP and presents a surface which can be reinforced using resin based systems – either glass or carbon fibre. This outer layer provides the strength to the structure. Inlets and outlets can be easily accommodated.

An important part of the concept is the incorporation of an internal FEP membrane. Being of the same material as the liner, the FEP diaphragm can be welded to the liner to ensure complete integrity.

FEP has been tested for compatibility with many of the major propellants.

Demisable Propellant TanksThe resultant tank is lightweight, durable, demisable and can be easily scaled up to sizes to suit your own process. What’s more, the unit price of flight units are a significant saving on the cost of existing solutions and lead times are a fraction of the time.

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