PFA for Heat Exchangers


The fumes inside desulphurisation heat exchangers can reach over 200 degrees C and are highly corrosive so the coolant bars and the structure of the Heat Exchanger have to be protected.

In this case, PFA has been proven to be the material of choice and Holscot has supplied materials to many such installations.

For the coolant bars, our customers send us the steel bars and we apply the PFA directly to the steel.

For the structure of the Heat Exchanger itself, we manufacture preformed sheets of PFA using our own specialised welding techniques which can be simply fitted in place. In many cases, we pierce holes through the PFA to accommodate the covered bars.

If necessary we have trained engineers who can assist with the installation of the PFA cladding and carry out onsite welding to ensure a complete coverage is achieved.

If this is a familiar application to you and you want more details, please contact our Sales Team at or via our contact page.