Having trouble welding a Fluoroplastic?


Melt processable fluoroplastics were developed as weldable and theromformable versions of PTFE. So FEP, PFA and ETFE all have the capability to be welded – but it is not easy.

Holscot spent the first few years of its existence developing the techniques to weld these specialised materials, using fusion welding, machine welding and hand welding. In particular, Holscot’s machine welding delivers a seam which is virtually imperceptible and can be effected in very long lengths.

Originally developed for FEP and PFA, the technique is also successfully used on ETFE. Recently, Holscot completed the welding of a huge area of ETFE sheet which was used as a replacement for existing plastic sheeting on a Greenhouse structure.

If you have a project which calls for large areas of FEP, PFA or ETFE to be joined, please contact our Sales Team at sales@holscot.com or via the contact page.