Can I fit a Holscot Roll Cover myself?


Certainly it is possible – particularly for smaller diameter rollers which do not need adhesive.

Holscot FEP and PFA Roll Covers, when subjected to a heat source, will try to shrink back to their original extruded size. That heat source is generally a hot air gun. The roller must be rotated during the shrinking process and the hot air gun must be held at a 45 degree angle pointing away from the unshrunk part of the sleeve. That’s the basic technique.

You can download written instructions on how to fit the sleeves here and see videos on showing the process on our Roll Covers page below.

For more complex sleeves, where they need to be bonded, we can train you at our FEP Shelman unit in Oldham. Our Roll Cover Installation Specialists will show you the tricks of the trade and give you guidance on how to get over those unexpected occurrences which can happen at any time.

Our Sales Team will be happy to give you any more details you need or quote you prices against advice of the dimensions of the roller and operating conditions. Give them a ring on 01476 574771 or use the contact page here.