What is ETFE?


More and more people are becoming aware of ETFE as they come across it in their business and everyday lives. Maybe the Eden Project; the Swimming arena at the Beijing Olympics; the transparent plastic over a greenhouse or even the covering over your pool in Center Parcs.

A copolymer of the TFE family of Fluoroplastics, it inherits the chemical inertness and resistance to high temperatures of PTFE FEP and PFA as well as the superior transmission of UV light whilst being more robust yet still flexible and lightweight.

As such it becomes an ideal choice in architectural and horticultural applications.

Holscot has employed its skills and techniques in Fluoroplastic manipulation to develop a unique system of ETFE covered panels which do not rely on internal air support. It can easily be incorporated into new, or even existing, support structures to offer the benefits of ETFE to a wide range of applications – from greenhouses to atriums; from Butterfly Farms to canopies.

To find out more, visit our dedicated webpages for ETFE or contact us at sales@holscot.com